ME-PRO provides many benefits as a soy soluble feed ingredient and has garnered the trust and accolades of some of the most experienced personnel in aquaculture!  Though the strength of any product remains locked in the producer’s commitment to improvement, the Prairie AquaTech team is pleased to know that their work results in many satisfied customers.

“ME-PRO® is the single biggest ingredient in our feeds, and will be for a long time!”

David McFarland, Owner, McFarland Springs Trout


“ME-PRO is responsible for two crucial things at Rushing Waters.  First, we reduced our phosphorus discharge to the point where we were way beyond some of the toughest water standards in the planet (Wisconsin, USA).  Second, we’re producing trout at such quality and consistency, Whole Foods Market is able to market our trout far beyond what we’ve ever thought possible.   It’s a little more money but compared to our success? It’s a bargain investment.”

Peter Fritsch
President, Wisconsin Aquaculture Association
Board Member, U.S. Trout Farmers Association


“I’ve been around fish my whole career.  I’ve worked in Alaska, I’ve worked on a farm (Rushing Waters) and I can tell you that our fish are strong!  Every day, my crew is interacting with our fish, of all sizes…we see fish health as it’s happening.  Since we started using ME-PRO powered feed (in 2016), the water quality alone has resulted in healthier fish. “

Justin Evans
Fishery Manager, Rushing Waters


” I am very impressed with ME-PRO. Its combination of high protein concentration (70% as fed) and high digestibility as well as balanced amino acid profile are evident. I believe ME-PRO is well positioned to capture market share in the feed ingredient marketplace as the demand for high quality protein sources utilized by the aquaculture feed industry continues to rise. “

J. Dana Nelson (formerly of Skretting USA and Silver Cup Fish Feed)
AquaFeed Specialist, DNS, LLC


” As former Lead Scientist of the USDA Aquaculture Research Services (ARS) Fish Technology Center in Bozeman, MT, I have  first-hand knowledge and experience in the performance testing of a wide variety of newly developed aquaculture feed ingredients over the past 30+ years.  As part of this process, I have evaluated ME-PRO in the past and have found it to be an extremely high quality ingredient that possesses all of the key metrics for successful entrance to the feed ingredient marketplace; plant-based, high digestibility, low phosphorus content, 70% crude protein (as fed basis) and non-GM in origin.  It also handles well in feed processing equipment and has a positive effect on feed pellet quality.”

Frederic (Rick) T. Barrows, Ph.D
USDA-Agricultural Research Service (retired), official collaborator


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