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SAMPLE REQUEST FORM for ME-PRO®.  Please use our form for ordering sample-quantities of ME-PRO for evaluation or trial. Click on the graphic or click here to download form.







In a two-year (ongoing!) study, ME-PRO helped dramatically reduce phosphorus discharge numbers for Wisconsin-based Rushing Waters Fisheries.  This reduction allowed the Fishery to comply with state water requirements and remain profitable.  Click image for .pdf.






At 70% protein (as fed), and 100% digestibility, ME-PRO is a terrific source of protein for aqua feed.  However, other animal-based proteins do not compare when it comes to available-phosphorus for the health of the fish.   Click image for .pdf






Compared to animal-based proteins, ME-PRO comes out on top, especially in regards to protein, digestibility and available phosphorus.  Click image for .pdf






The team behind ME-PRO is humbled by, and at the same time, very proud of the testimonials given to ME-PRO.  We’re working hard to ensure that the honors continue; perhaps one day you will be here, too!  Click image for .pdf