Prairie AquaTech Covid-19 Statement

How do we succeed through this? 

Employees are being stretched thin, the availability of important products and services is being compromised and supply chains are being disrupted.

Yet, all of us — from supplier to feed mill to farmer to consumer — are experiencing these challenging times together.  Regardless of the times, we must provide a safe, reliable food supply, together.

Recently, the American Feed Industry Association reinforced this truth by stating,  “… animals must continue to have access to food and therefore, our industry must be able to manufacture, transport and sell ingredients, feed and pet food,”  (click here for the full article on

There are three items Prairie AquaTech wants the aqua community to know about how we are fulfilling our role as a supplier to aquaculture:

  1. Safety is our #1 value—we’re on top of ensuring that our team is trained and supported in smart, safe health practices and policies – for our customers, for our team and for their families.
  2. We have resources you can use.  From producing small feed batches to utilizing our nutritional power to support new feed formulations.
  3. Cost or uncertain times should not limit production or innovation.  To this end, we’ve created a discount program on our award-winning ME-PRO® protein ingredient to allow feed mills to pass substantial savings onto aqua producers.

Surely, things will return to normal.  What that new ‘normal’ looks like is anyone’s guess.

But we’re confident that aquaculture will emerge strong, if not stronger, and Prairie AquaTech is committed to being a part of its success.

We’ll succeed, Together!

Prairie AquaTech