ME-PRO and parent company Prairie AquaTech are focused on playing a productive role in the greater world of aquaculture!  To this end, we are proud to belong to and/or support the following associations, organizations, businesses and communities that work to advance healthy, sustainable aquaculture.


For over 20 years, the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) has demonstrated their commitment to feeding the world through responsible and sustainable aquaculture.  GAA’s “Films” division produces excellent resources for anyone learning about aquaculture.



The Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification is a highly respected symbol of excellent aquaculture practices and standards.  BAP certification encompasses the entire production chain: farms, processing, hatcheries and feed mills.




The National Aquaculture Association (NAA) is a unified, American voice for sustainable, responsible and profitable aquaculture. The NAA has produced an informative brochure on U.S. Aquaculture, too.




The United States Trout Farmers Association (USTFA) is committed to providing the nation with excellent, sustainable trout production.  They are also the oldest dedicated aquaculture association in the United States.




No one watches out for the world’s oceans like the Monterey Bay Aquarium!  Though ME-PRO has no official decree between our two organizations, we do agree that the world’s aquatic ecosystems need to be cared for and nurtured responsibly.  Anyone who wants to learn how to “make a difference” with aquaculture should start with MBA’s “Seafood Watch.”




Star Milling produces nutritious, high quality feeds for aquaculture as well as other species.  Star Milling is Safe Feed/Safe Food certified.  Star Milling has been family-owned for three generations and is wholly committed to quality and good manufacturing practices.  They produced a informative video for you to learn more about them, too!



Rushing Waters is one of the world’s most successful fully integrated trout production centers – from fry to frying pan, Rushing Waters is an industry leader in producing excellent trout.




Ocean Era, formerly Kampachi Farms, is a Hawaii-based mariculture company focused on expanding the environmentally sound production of the ocean’s finest fish. In 2018, Kampachi Farms was a Finalist in the 2018 Champion Awards!




The American Feed Industry Association is the world’s largest organization devoted exclusively to the interests of feed manufacturers. “Our Industry, Our Passion, Our Voice.”




The Soy Aquaculture Alliance (SAA) works to meet the needs of aquaculture to produce fish and shrimp more efficiently, responsibly, and effectively.  The SAA supports advocacy as well as crucial research in utilizing soy-based protein and ingredients in aquaculture.




FreshCatch is a provider of fresh-caught wild and farmed fish to discerning seafoodies around the San Francisco bay area.




The South Dakota Biotech (SDB) organization is dedicated to developing Biotechnology through research, advocacy, funding, education, and promotion.  SDB plays an important role in promoting South Dakota’s hard work, smart work, and natural resources.




The South Dakota Soybean Association (SDSA) represents member producers of all sizes, providing a strong voice in the formation of legislation and public policy that affects long-term profitability of soybean producers and the industry as a whole.  South Dakota Soybean Research & Promotion Council invests checkoff dollars in researching new production techniques, markets, and uses for soybeans that benefit South Dakota farmers.


The Ontario Aquaculture Association represents more than 95% of the aquaculture industry in Ontario, including finfish and shrimp growers, land-based and open net-pen operations, seafood for food or recreational fishing, feed suppliers, and other companies invested in growing healthy, sustainable protein.


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