ME-PRO® Protein Ingredient

For Better Fish!

Better Ingredients + Better Feed = Better Fish!

If you want better fish, start with better ingredients and feed!

ME-PRO® protein provides farmers and feed manufacturers with the power needed to boost aquaculture performance.  Here’s how:

ME-PRO as a Better Ingredient

• 70% (as fed) protein

• 100% digestibility

• Sustainably sourced and traceable

• Very low phytate levels

• Lowers phosphorus discharge

ME-PRO as a Better Feed

• Extrudable, holds together

• Contaminant free

• No carotenoids or xanthophyll

• No “fishy taste”

• Economical, high value

Of course, there’s more to the story.  You’ll find the details on our “Specs and Info” page.  It contains an “FAQ” that will appeal to farmers and formulators alike.   Our “News” feature at right contains industry updates as well as the most current info on ME-PRO.

Most important, we’d like you to think about “Better Fish” and how ME-PRO can help you do your part in fulfilling the promise of providing better aquaculture for the world!

Download the ME-PRO brochure here.   Download the ME-PRO spec sheet here.


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